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LagoMorphic Serenity

Learning to Live Again....

I have been called many things, both terrible and wonderous. The Master of All and Nothing, the Harbinger, the Angel...

In truth, I am a weary soul. Yet simple...

I seek nothing but that which I give in return. I have lived through the 7 Months of Hell known as Lynn. I have had my protective wings stabbed and bled, and I have watched something beautiful wither into something twisted. Yet for some reason... I have been delivered.

Maybe life tests you... brings you full circle into that which was, until it is... now. I have come full circle. The past rushing into oblivion, yet screaming into the present. This time, a breath of innocence tempered by a wise soul beyond her years.

Now I get what I give in return. I must endure 9 months of Trials. My protective wings are held tight, and from within the gaze of a woman more Angelic than any I would dare dream. I have witnessed something twisted become something beautiful.

This is my story...
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